Unique comedy stories from an unknown comedian who’s made her living telling and selling jokes for over 2 decades. From bombing to working with celebrities, and performing in weird venues Jan tells you the inside scoop on being a true working comedian, and she does it with stories in under 5 minutes. She also talks about selling comedy material to everyone from the Tonight Show to guests on the Jerry Springer Show Each podcast ends with a “lesson learned” take-away tip that is appropriate for everyone, even if you’re not a comedian. 

Hollywood Extra Work

Comedian Jan describes some of the “extra work” she’s done for TV, movies, and commercials to make extra money. It’s a mix of boring, degrading and interesting!

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Jokes For Leno

Jan has sold tons of comedy material to everyone from the Tonight Show monologue with Jay Leno to greeting cards, syndicated cartoon strips, radio, and even guests on the Jerry Springer Show (her parents are proud!). Here’s how one of those jokes helped her out.

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1500 People and Me

Jan’s first big group, 1500 people, and a lot riding on the line. She’s being reviewed so she can get into corporate work but the crowd isn’t corporate, it’s more of a bar crowd. And the guy who booked her seems to not want her to do well. 

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Comedian Karma

Comedians do believe in Karma, and when a comedian is kind of harsh with Jan, she is patient. . .and that pays off. But, yeah, it’s hard to be nice sometimes!

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My First Big Comedy Emcee Gig

Emceeing in a comedy club is the first step in your career. And you think you’re ready to emcee in the big clubs with 5 minutes of material and 2 months of stage time? Well, maybe not. Jan found out the hard way!!

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Comedy and the Fairmont Hotel

Comedy club accommodations usually ain’t that great, though if you work at it long enough, comedy comes full-circle! But sometimes you have to leave the safe things that you like, and put up with some stuff you don’t like, to get to what you really, really like!

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