Unique comedy stories from an unknown comedian who’s made her living telling and selling jokes for over 2 decades. From bombing to working with celebrities, and performing in weird venues Jan tells you the inside scoop on being a true working comedian, and she does it with stories in under 5 minutes. She also talks about selling comedy material to everyone from the Tonight Show to guests on the Jerry Springer Show Each podcast ends with a “lesson learned” take-away tip that is appropriate for everyone, even if you’re not a comedian. 

Comedy Auditions

Comedians have a better chance of getting booked into comedy clubs if the club owner or booker actually sees them. Here’s Jan’s take on doing comedy auditions for Comedy Clubs.

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Crazy Comedy Emcee Gig

A Comedian emceeing should be pretty self-explanatory. The comedian does the announcements and does some jokes to keep things going. But toss in a bunch of drunks who don’t want a comedian to do humor and you’ve got Jan’s emcee gig. Here’s the story!

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Go Red For Women

Go Red For Women is a great fundraiser run by the American Heart Association to raise awareness about heart diseases in women. They hold Go Red For Women luncheons across the country. Jan has shared her humor at many of them . . .here’s her first experience.

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